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Aug 30, 2011 2:00pm EDT
. >>> and the members of the super committee are meeting for the first time behind closed door. >>> and plus, steve jobs' biological father says he regrets giving up his son for adoption more than 50 years ago, but he says he will not contact him and we will tell you why. >> when you invite people to a party on facebook, what happens? well, several people were arrested at this out of control college party. charge of my financial future. [ bell dinging ] two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy. purina cat chow helps you well-being. we're all our costriving for it.ecurity nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life. t
Aug 25, 2011 2:00pm EDT
the rebels control a majority of it, but it is still not stable until gadhafi is found. >>> and steve jobs announcing that he is resigning as ceo of apple. we will look at the impact his resignation is having on the company. >>> and rick perry with the candidate that the gop is waiting for? well, new numbers put him ahead of mitt romney. >>> and the latest on hurricane irene and we will bring you the littest updates throughout the hour. >>> welcome back to "newsnation." this is the video that was shot by one of our colleagues who is on vacation in paradise island, bahamas, and very close obviously to nassau, bahamas, and you see the impact of the force of hurricane irene and what is supposed to be the family vacation for her has turn turned into watching this from the windows. fortunately the conditions are better in the bahamas, but this video taken a few hours ago. we continue to track hurricane irene, category 3, and bring you the latest information. >>> and apple stock is down 3% following the sudden resignation of steve jobs. however it is in line with how the rest of the market is do
Aug 26, 2011 2:00pm EDT
by the national spokesman for the red cross steve bayer. what is your priority right now? >> my priority is to get out the word for preparedness, and personal preparedness. we as a corporation have done our preparedness and that is why hundreds of thousands of emergency response vehicles and hundreds of thousands trained registered volunteers are on the road going to all of the affected areas, and the areas that are going to be affected. >> in the affected areas we are talking about the densely populated cities in the country which presents a unique set of circumstances in itself. >> yes. i just spoke to somebody down at the outer banks in north carolina, one of my coordinators down there, and we had a very good interesting conversation. it is really nice down there from what he said, and people are out surfing, and that is definitely not recommended. we really want people to be taking this seriously. the tourists have all evacuated from what he told me, and the residents are in the process of making that decision of whether they are going to evacuate the area. we hope that those who are going wil
Aug 23, 2011 2:00pm EDT
been 10, 15 minutes so far. >> right. well, craig, steve forbes a former colleague at msnbc says he lives at 86th and broadway on the sixth floor in a high-rise and they felt the building waiver for six to seven seconds and he says that the building is right above the subway, but they never felt a tremor like this before. i am getting reports from new hav haven, connecticut, where people felt it there and my best friend is vacationing in delaware, and she sent me a message from what she thought was a vacation on the beaches of delaware and what is going on question mark as she is explaining to me she has felt it. in the last ten minutes i have received 100 if not 200 tweets from people all along the east coast who have said they felt the tremor here, and we are getting information from the wnbc producer from the attorney general's office says that at the d.a.'s office they could feel the building tremor an someone said it was a earthquake and then they felt an unusual smell as if something was burning and they could hear the debris falling, and so that was in the new york city attor
Aug 1, 2011 2:00pm EDT
's bring in republican congressman steve king, a member of the tea party caucus and congressman, thank you for your time once again, and what do you think of the deal? >> glad to. well, this deal moves it a little bit and not much different from the boehner bill that passed 218-210 last week, so i am likely to be in the same place i did which is no. i do tip my hat to intense negotiations that have taken place in the effort to move the ball down the field in the right direction, but i am on the principle of cut, cap, balance and i want to see a balanced budget come to us, and it is the responsibility that congress has to send it after of the the states. i have come to the conclusion that the people on the other side of the aisle for me never want to see a balanced budget amendment, and neither do they want to balance the budget, and i want to push this thing as hard as i can to bring it to the conclusion of which side people are on and what they are willing to do. it is not enough cuts in the short-term for me. >> and let me ask you about the no-vote that you are planning. is this a back-h
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)